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About Agrolinx

Our Core Services
  • Full Vessel Agency

  • Crew changes and crew and visitors handling service 

  • Ticketing

  • Land Transportation

  • Sea Transportation

  • Hotel Accommodation

  • Door to Door assistance

  • Airport and Seaport Clearing and Forwarding

  • Arrangements of Visas

  • Immigration Clearances

  • All local formalities for transiting through, visiting or residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • Cash to Master under full insurance coverage


Our Specialty Services 




  • Supply of spares, stores and provision from BFMS approved vendors-Clearing and Forwarding

  • Co-ordination, Forwarding and Receiving mail/consignments

  • Full logistics management specialist project freight forwarding services.

  • Slop and sludge disposal services

  • Sewage disposal services

  • A to Z Ship to Ship operation

  • Fresh water supply services

  • Survey and Inspection Services

  • Medical Assistance

  • Communication

  • Garbage Collection Services

  • P & I Support



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